Our Services


Beginning with the first call, we start to learn about you and the challenges you face.  We will need to understand your medical, emotional behavioral and social behaviors.  Medications are reviewed to see if there are any complications.   We speak to family members, individually, to get a more well-rounded understanding of what is being asked of us to accomplish.  Once completed, Avise Group makes a final determination on your suitability for admission into the FAS4T© program.   A fee is quoted, an agreement signed, payment rendered and a 3-day session is scheduled.    All sessions are conducted here in South Florida.

Trauma Therapy

One or more FAS4T© by Avise Group clinicians will meet with you and your family when you arrive.  Treatment is designed to be gentle and effective, not requiring you to be ready, not requiring forgiveness, and not requiring you to do “work”.  It is our job to clear the trauma and once cleared…get you ready for a restart on life.   Clients immediately describe feeling refreshed, hopeful, and empowered.   Many describe feeling focused and more at peace.  Each session is tailored to the individual without the constraints of schedule or time blocks.

Family Care

Along with the identified client, we also work with the family both clinically and non-clinically.   We want to clear your trauma and the trauma they may be going through including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.   We also want to give your family the tools to go back home and be ready for what life may bring.   Our proprietary workbook provides a real guide in helping clients and their family succeed once they get home.  This award-winning book was written by our own Dr. David Levy.

Follow Up Care

Your environment and your experiences play critical roles in the “what’s next in life.” How they are experienced and more importantly, how you react to life’s events, is an important part of our follow-up care. Our trained staff is available to help continue to guide you into an emotionally healthier lifestyle and to keep you there once you begin. Avise Group is there to help guide and facilitate when issues may arise by offering support and solutions to restore harmony.

Additional Resources

We don’t bother with FAQ’s. When Avise Group clients have clinical, health or medication questions as part of making informed decisions, we send them to the Gold Standard for Information the official website of the National Institute of Health: U.S. National Library of Medicine. www.medlineplus.gov