Paul Vattiato M.Ed

Chief Executive Officer

Paul Vattiato leads an experienced team of professionals which in 2015 launched as Avise Group LLC. Previously, Paul served 15 years as a teacher in the New York City School System. During that time he earned his M.Ed and continued studies beyond. Recruited by Shearson Lehman Brothers, he relocated to Florida where he was appointed Vice President and earned the Designation of Senior Investment Consultant. His work was always with multi-generational high net worth families. Evolving into the Intracoastal Family Office, he and his partners, specialized on the diverse needs and complexities of their client families. Paul focused exclusively on the qualitative planning where the family dynamic resulted in conflict. Retiring with 30 years experience, he joined forces with friend and colleague Dr. David Levy, founder of Caregiver Reality. Together they co-hosted the livestream Caregiver Reality Hour. In 2015, Avise Group LLC was founded to resolve trauma for both individuals and the families. A special focus was dedicated to sexual abuse, rape, molestation, and sexual identity. Ultimately, that specialty evolved into the Focal Adaptive Solution 4 Trauma (FAS4T).

Email: paulvattiato@avisegroup.com
Phone: (561) 232-2323
Cell: (561)-313-1258

David J. Levy, JD, CCE

Director of Family Services

David J Levy JD CCE practices applied gerontology in the field of non-clinical family caregiving and is recognized as a family caregiver expert. Levy holds a Doctor of Jurisprudence, Advanced Degrees with Highest Honors in Gerontology and is a Florida Supreme Court Certified family mediator specializing in family caregiving/eldercare. He is Certified in Family Conflicts Dynamics as a Profiler/Instructor. Levy consults to professionals on complicated caregiving issues arising from aging, chronic illness, dysfunctional family dynamics and disability and is recognized as a leading forensic family caregiving professional.

Email: davidlevy@avisegroup.com
Phone: (561) 232-2323

Dr. Christopher Metzler

Chief Disruption Officer

Dr. Christopher Metzler is a legal scholar, CEO, strategist, and crisis manager. He moves easily from the barbershop to the boardroom. He currently is President of FHWFIT. A health care and fitness enterprise.

The TV personality and insightful public intellectual is a dynamic, quick-witted, and gifted personality and strategist who uses his talents and vast knowledge to advise politicians, academics and titans of industry on how to make and sustain change in a global world. Dr. Metzler is not defined by boundaries; instead, the Doctor shatters them.

Dr. Metzler provides analysis on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, BBC News, CNBC, News One, WHDT World News, NewsMax, and others.

Organizations such as the NIH, AARP, American Chemical Society, DePaul University, The Home Depot, Bank of America, Marriott, The Federal Reserve Board, Kentucky One Health Systems, The University of Maryland, Baltimore, The Lear Corporation, The Fire Department of New York, The NYPD, Chrysler, UAW-Ford, NIKE, Bank of America, Johnson & Johnson, The World Cup 2022, and others rely heavily on the Doctor’s strategic advice.

A seasoned academic, Dr. Metzler has served on the faculties of Cornell University, Georgetown University, the CUNY Graduate School, and Bellarmine University among others.

In addition to a Master’s degree in Human Rights from Columbia University, he read law at the University of Oxford, earning the (MsT) in International Human Rights Law. The Doctor was also educated in law at The Howard University School of Law and International Institute of Humanitarian Law (IIHL) in San Remo, Italy.

Dr. Metzler holds a Ph.D. from the University of Aberdeen in Law, as well as diplomas and postgraduate certificates in Constitutional Law.

He is a member of The University of Oxford in Oxford, England as well as a member of Kellogg College at the University of Oxford.

Email: drmetzler@avisegroup.com
Phone: (561) 232-2323

Primary Therapist

Janus Moncur

Janus Moncur is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP), Certified Human Animal Intervention Specialist (CHAIS). And Certified Professional Coach (CPC).  She holds her Master of Social Work, Master’s in Psychology from Barry University, Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, and Associate’s in the Arts from Ferris State University.  She has obtained additional training in Rapid Resolution Therapy® (RRT), EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, Trauma Resolution, Animal-Assisted Therapy, National Canine Crisis Response, Pet Loss Bereavement Counseling, Developmental Play Therapy, and Level I Storytelling. She believes the continued pursuit of knowledge and understanding is crucial for personal and professional development as well as overall health and well-being. Janus shares her passion and knowledge with her clients and colleagues.

Janus has worked with hundreds of people to heal their past emotional wounds that had caused dysfunction and pain in their lives.  Janus utilizes her philosophies, education, and experience with  an eclectic mix of therapies to allow the individual to realize resolution and peace in a comfortable and accepting environment without the discomfort of more traditional methods.

Janus also volunteers with National Crisis Response Canines as a handler and instructor.  She has become an expert speaker on Canine-Assisted Therapy and continues to promote the benefits especially with those suffering from trauma. Janus’ canine partner, Mack, assists her during presentations, therapy sessions, and groups.

Why Avise Group?

Avise Group, was founded by two innovators: one, with years of dealing with families, but without the constraints of formal psychoanalytical training and with years of research in understanding the benefits of approaching trauma from a non-traditional construct; the other an expert in non-clinical family caregiving focused on the essential/intricate role family dynamics plays in seeking truly meaningful outcomes. They, and their experts, have taken a total new look at trauma. They have sought unique perspectives and dynamic innovations that are safe but representing a significant departure from common convention. The founders recognize that a select group of traumas have responded to these new approached, but clearly understand it is not a “universal cure” all for every emotional trauma. We clearly recognize our strengths and respect our limitations. We are not “experimenting” but we do incorporate leading edge thinking that has been thoroughly vetted by our diverse group of professionals and represents state-of-the-art therapeutic approaches performed without medication. However, we must have clearance from medical practitioners to assure that in treating your trauma we are not complicating other pre-existing conditions. We believe that it is only through a totally integrated medical, mental health and wellness course of treatment can desired outcomes be achieved.

By integrating many specialists from western, eastern, and alternative medicine, we believe real healing can be achieved. Avise Group believes our ever-evolving innovative approach can succeed where others have failed.